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Agreements Between Mining Companies And Aboriginal Communities Or Governments

by Renkema

Traditional owners have renewed the leases of Mereenie Gasfeld and Palm Valley for a further 21 years after signing contracts a few years ago. A Guide to Mining and Mining for Aboriginal Communities – provides fundamental explanations of mine sequence, from exploration to mining closure, including the regulatory process, socio-economic opportunities and successful partnerships. Once the traditional owners have consented to exploration, they cannot refuse further dismantling. Aboriginal Participation in the Mining Industry (1.05 MB) — a newsletter that focuses on common topics related to Aboriginal populations and mining people, including environmental practices, business and career opportunities. Interactive map of Aboriginal mining agreements – provides information on exploration and mine production projects, indigenous communities signing agreements and types of negotiated agreements. Fortunately, the Aboriginal Land Rights Act protects traditional Aboriginal landowners and allows the Land Council to enter into agreements with mining companies that satisfy all interested parties. It is generally accepted that central Australia has a large, mostly untapped, resource with high potential to cope with labour shortages. Since many of these potential workers have little or no work experience, the central regional council`s employment is an important link between the Aboriginal jobseeker and the employer. Partnership agreements – fact sheets highlighting key practices of cooperation between Aboriginal communities or groups and the mining industry. Aboriginal land mining contributes more than $1 billion a year to the Northern Territory`s economy and accounts for 80 per cent of the territory`s mining revenues. An agreement must be reached for the mining industry so that the mining industry can continue. The mining industry generally has a significant impact on the environment and can have an impact on neighbouring communities. The decision that traditional owners must make when granting the authorization is therefore quite onerous.