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Clv Group Lease Agreement

by Renkema

Quebec City Residents: For any other request, please contact your location office directly – If you have an emergency maintenance problem between 5:00 p.m. – 8:30 a.m. or on weekends, please contact our After Hours Emergency Line at 1-877-728-3003. Edit- as of today, I can`t get anyone to process my potential lease. I should move in tomorrow, as I understand it. Mr. Wtf. I`m moving my stuff two weeks earlier, so I didn`t have to miss school or work, it only lasted a week, so the apartment was empty for a week, but I paid all month. When I came back to check the last day of my lease, I didn`t miss anything, and I cleaned up so I wouldn`t lose my deposit. A very beautiful girl about my age and all her things were properly moved and watching TV. She had lived there for a week and I was never contacted by CLV and I asked my permission because my lease was not concluded and I had paid for it for the whole month.

Q: What information do I need for a unit rental app? I lived on the Bayswater property for about six months. they replaced our sink and one of the doors in a week. no problems, the place was clean and regular maintenance was carried out. The only problem I had was when I wanted to break my lease, they were not very helpful. Overall positive experiences, but judging by other comments, this is generally not the case. Vacate Form Notice To ensure that you are providing all the necessary information, please download the PDF version of CLV Group`s “Notice to Vacate Form” standard. Once the form has been completed, make sure that all tenants of the rental agreement have signed the form and deliver it to CLV Group`s head office or by mail to: A: For all maintenance requests, send a maintenance request via our resident portal. You can also contact your Property Manager by phone or email! Please note that the termination date MUST be the last day of your lease if you are not yet monthly. If you have a customer service request, call our free after-sales service line between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 1-855-258-6011 A: If you received a “N4 – Notice on the early termination of a non-payment lease,” this means that your rent is outstanding for the corresponding month and we did not have a payment statement at the time of notification.