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Firm Transportation Service Agreement

by Renkema

The carrier may refuse to provide services under this contract if and as long as the shipper is late under its Firm Transportation Agreement or the GT-C. Every day for the duration of a corporate transportation contract, the shipper has the right to demand a service in accordance with this fare plan and the GT-C service for gas transmission and electric transmission lines. The first is a booking fee that refers to the amount of capacity the customer retains. This fee is paid regardless of the amount of capacity actually used. The second charge is based on the amount of capacity consumed. Switchable rates are volumetric and are based solely on the amount of gas or electricity supplied. Non-supplied services are services such as electricity and natural gas supply, which must be available at any time during an agreement period. In addition, the service is not subject to a prior claim from another customer and receives the same priority as any other corporate service. Conditional service is similar to fixed service, as it is booked and premium to inruptible service.

However, it may have limitations, z.B. times when it would be limited before fixed service, but depending on the inruptible service. The cost per unit with this service is called fixed rate or uninterrupted rate. The opposite of fixed service is a non-fixed service, also called switchable service or available service. The unit costs of this service are called non-fixed or switchable rates. The switchable charge is the part of the load of a public service that comes from customers with a switchable service. Operating service cannot be interrupted under adverse conditions such as . B periods of high demand. However, fixed services may also cover services covered by a long-term contract. B for example a year or more. There are extreme cases where fixed services can be interrupted, for example.

B emergency situations and when the reliability of the system is threatened. Services to households and small businesses are generally fixed. Some companies that cannot afford interruptions also have a fixed service. Businesses that can afford to discontinue services or can significantly reduce their consumption when informed by the provider can get better rates by offering non-fixed services. Customers who have a non-business-based service may have a low-basic or guaranteed service, so they don`t need to be completely shut down. Companies that lease or lease or lease pipelines or electrical transportation capacity are also available to businesses. This amount of transport must be indicated in the shipper`s confirmation transport agreement. . In the event of a conflict between the CGVs and a corporate transport contract, the Firm Transportation Agreement has control.