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Godaddy.com Registration Agreement

by Renkema

In return for services, you agree to pay the fee before a domain name registration or extension is effective. All taxes payable are not refundable, even if your domain name registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred before your registration period expires. With the exception of your aforementioned right to cancel registration and to the extent permitted by law, rules (including ICANN rules and rules) and regulations, all other service-related payments are non-refundable. Eligibility requirements. As a. The BIS Domain Name Registrar heress with this certify, in your soul and conscience, that (i) the registered domain name is primarily used for commercial or commercial purposes in good faith, and not exclusively for personal use or solely for the sale, sale or rental of the domain name as compensation or unsolicited offer to sell. , to market or lease the domain name; (ii) the registration of domain names is entitled to enter into this registration agreement; and (iii) the registered domain name is, at the time of registration, related to the commercial or commercial purpose of the filer. Confirmations. You acknowledge and consent: (i) the use, reproduction, dissemination, publication, modification and other processing of the personal data of the holder of the name registered by the .INFO Registry Operator and its agents and agents; (ii) submit to proceedings under ICANN`s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Directive; (iii) immediately correct and update the registration information of the registered name during the registration period of the registered name; and (iv) to recognize that the registrar assumes no responsibility for losses or responsibilities resulting from sunrise Period or Land Rush Period procedures and procedures, including, but not limited to, the ability or inability of a filer to obtain a registered name during these periods and the outcome of a sunrise registration dispute. This agreement is being implemented in English, along with all of the guidelines and product agreements mentioned above and mentioned in this agreement. To the extent that a translation is provided to you, it will only be provided for convenience and, in the event of a conflict between the English and the translated version, if permitted by law, the English version will have control and pre-weights.

If the translated version is necessary to be made available to you and must be considered legally binding (i) both language versions have the same validity, (ii) each party acknowledges that it has checked both language versions and that they are substantially identical on all essential points, and (iii) if there is a discrepancy between these two versions, the translated version may be a priority , provided that the parties` intention has been fully taken into account. You acknowledge and consent that CIRA will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or cost resulting from registration or failure or refusal of CIRA to register a domain name, renewal or failure or refusal of CIRA to renew a domain name registration, transfer or failure of the transfer of a domain name , maintenance, or CIRA`s refusal to hold or change a domain name registration. , the deletion or non-removal of a domain name registration by CIRA, the loss of CIRA affiliation as a result of the termination of a domain name registration by CIRA when CIRA registers or fails to comply with the PRP register, or CIRA refuses to admit a candidate as a member.