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Hammondcare Residential Care And Hammondcare At Home Enterprise Agreement 2018

by Renkema

HammondCare gladly offers its employees the opportunity to develop their careers within the organization. We have many examples of collaborators who perform side and/or advertising parades, and the possibilities in our growing organization are truly endless. All positions are typically subject to an internal tender, either before or at the same time as external advertisements, allowing employees to apply for a new position at HammondCare. At HammondCare, in addition to your salary, options for salary packages, and the excellent education and training opportunities we offer, we also have an excellent employee benefits program. HammondCare Benefits is a fabulous performance program, exclusive to HammondCare employees, designed to allow employees to choose whether to get or exit their benefits, depending on their circumstances. The range of benefits includes up to 14 weeks of paid parental leave, grandparent leave and the possibility of acquiring up to 2 weeks of additional annual leave. It is also possible to access staff discounts for health and travel insurance, as well as a loyalty card offering substantial discounts on goods and services. This is just one of the many reasons for you to join the HammondCare family. In addition, staff members are encouraged to discuss their learning and development objectives at least once a year with their director as part of the annual development meeting. A number of employees undergo ongoing training to improve their skills and knowledge in their area of expertise and are assisted in doing so. HammondCare also offers a care bursary program for which employees can apply, providing a number of support opportunities for employees who wish to pursue a recorded level of care while on the job.

HammondCare also has its own registered training organisation (HammondCare RTO Provider Number 40451), which provides nationally recognised training in the vocational training sector. We offer our employees a series of role-relevant courses, including:. . .