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Klocwork License Agreement

by Renkema

The CI-Agent license is useful for analysis in an CI environment, because you can perform a quick scan of certain parts of an application – one or more files. Use this type of license if you only want to analyze a single file or set of files, not a complete application. To do this, you need to connect to a project. A “background user” is a user ID that performs only perforce background tasks. A “perforce background mission” is software that uses the Perforce server, either through the Perforce client`s programs or the Perforce client API to perform automated tasks. A background user license gives the customer the right to create a context user. The customer recognizes the limitations of this background user license and agrees to limit the use of this unpaid user license, as described here. 1. LICENSE TO USE.

Sun grants you a non-exclusive license that is non-transferable only for internal use, software and accompanying documentation (together “Software”). This is a unique code deposit and will not be updated or otherwise by Sun. 10. Intellectual property and content ownership. Perforce does not claim intellectual property rights to the licensee`s data. The licensee recognizes and accepts that all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights on and on the Cloud Service remain held at all times by Perforce or its licensees. The licensee may only use the cloud service as part of Perforce`s express permission. The licensee can either directly or indirectly: (a) reverse engineering, translation, decomplexation, decompilation, sale, rental, rental, leasing, construction, adaptation, creation of derivative works from the cloud service or materials or delivery elements that Perforce makes available to the licensee under this contract, or as part of the provision of cloud service support to the licensee (the “perforce materials”) or part of it; (b) copying all or part of the cloud service or Perforce hardware; (c) remove any reference to copyright, trademark, patents or any other reference to Perforce`s property rights or other parties, as they appear throughout the cloud service program or cloud service documentation; or (d) change any license key or other restrictive function provided by the cloud service, or try to edit, bypass or disable it, or try to bypass, disable, disable, disable or attempt to bypass, disable or attempt to disable them, or try to access functions or capabilities that are not properly authorized by the licensee. An CI agent license is withdrawn when you execute the order and returns it when the order is complete. Perforce Software, Inc., a Delaware company, provides, on its own behalf and on behalf of each of its subsidiaries (“Perforce”) to the final licensee (in any capacity here called “you,” “your,” “customer” or “taker”), software support services (as defined below) according to the terms and conditions below.

You can check how many licenses are used for a Klocwork function (or component), for example.B. Klocwork Static Code Analysis, taking the option -f with lmstat.g) this agreement, including all price offers and invoices established in connection with it, which constitutes the exclusive and comprehensive agreement reached between the parties on the purpose of this agreement, and which succeeds and cancels all prior proposals, commitments or agreements, written or oral. No conditions, including pre-printed or pre-printed conditions contained in a licence order or any other documentation of the licensee, may be included or constitute a part of this Agreement, and all of these conditions are null and void and have no force or effect.