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Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement

by Renkema

In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this agreement and the reciprocal non-disclosure agreement, the Microsoft Master Services Agreement and the software licensing agreement, the terms of the agreement in question apply, but only with respect to the services, rights and obligations set out in it. Teleplan Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreement, not expired, from and between Teleplan International and Hartford Computer Group, Inc. The parties acknowledge and agree that the terms of Microsoft Corporation`s October 11, 1999 (NDA) reciprocal non-disclosure agreement of October 11, 1999 (the NDA) were annexed and inserted into this agreement. Microsoft and FairMarket agree that the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Standard Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NOA”) of July 26, 1999 are deemed to be included in this document and that all terms of the agreement are considered confidential information within the meaning of that NDA. The terms of the mutual non-disclosure agreement attached to Schedule C are expressly included.