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by Renkema

If you have any questions about your payment, please contact hr Client Services at 416-979-5075 or hr@ryerson.ca. Ryerson University entered into a new collective agreement with CUPE Local 233 in October 2018. The new collective agreement is now online: check for rate updates and read the supporting documents provided so you can understand your collective agreement. Select your group of employees for salary information. Benefits leaves; Pension, retirement and savings; Waiver and rebate and collective agreements. If you are unsure of your group of employees, contact hr Client Services at 416-979-5075 or hr@ryerson.ca. Disclaimer: Online versions of these collective agreements are intended for the convenient reference of union group members, leaders and other interested parties. When a conflict is found between these versions and official documents, the conditions of official documents are given priority. If you are considered a reduced workload or a member of the activity and your general disability begins while you are active at work and continues until the date recognized as a non-work period, the erasure period is suspended if it is not completed and restarts on the date you normally planned to return to the workplace.

The dental plan reimburses 100% of eligible routine dental expenses, 65% of the largest catering services within the annual limit of $3500 and 50% of the orthodontic service. There is no deductible for the dental plan. If, at the time of rank, the employee`s salary is greater than the lower grade maximum, his salary is adjusted to the maximum of the lower salary with effect at the time of the move to the new position. Following a cross-transfer, an employee`s salary generally remains the same. In certain circumstances, executives may recommend a salary increase based on the same factors used to determine a new employee`s starting salary. B, such as skills, skills, qualifications and staff experience, as well as labour market conditions. If the salary increase requires the new salary above the employment rate, the agreement of the Assistant Vice President, staff. 1) Minimum: defined as the lower ceiling of the wage range to be used for the placement of new workers to a job that has met only the minimum qualifications. The worker`s base salary must be less or above the minimum wage for his position. Changes in the number, size and components of wage ranges are considered adjustments to the wage structure and are made, as required, on the basis of internal and external factors.