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Scaffolding Agreement

by Renkema

6.20 Additional work Additional work is considered any requirement that is not included in the offer as part of the plant volume. All additional work is billed at the prices indicated in the offer and Talisman must also be issued on an approved site statement. 6.21 Accommodation a) The client provides Talisman`s craftsmen with an acceptable accommodation at the client`s expense. Talisman will provide all the food to its workers. The number of workers is indicated in the offer. b) Talisman allowed the number of workers and the number of days/nights after the offer, which is included in the contract price. All costs incurred based on the authorized number of days/nights will be transferred to the customer`s account. 6.22 Annual Leave of the Construction Industry If the term of the contract is extended by annual operating leave, this period is considered part of the term of the contract. 6.23 Grounding Any grounding and/or lightning protection must be carried out by the customer at the customer`s expense. The customer must also ensure that all electrical work carried out on or near Talisman devices is insulated and grounded safely and in good condition.

In this regard, the supplier will not make any claims. 7.1. The duration of the tenancy is a) of at least 3 days, unless otherwise stated in writing; (b) start from the moment the equipment leaves Talisman`s premises, unless the other parties have written agreements to the contrary, and the invoices are charged each day for the taxes in question; (c) cancel if the equipment has been returned to Talisman, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the two parties. 7.2 Each party has the right to terminate the contract in writing with a period of at least one week. 7.3 Subject to the minimum fee payable, the rental fee is charged at the specified rate, provided that, during the rental period, Talisman`s standard rental fee is increased for any reason, these increased rental fees apply to the equipment from the date of this increase.