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Service Entrustment Agreement

by Renkema

The Tribunal shall communicate the hearing and a copy of the application to the following persons: each of them is entitled to participate in the proceedings: equity agreement Part A: Lian Zheng MinIdentity Card No: XXXParty B: Dong Xiang JunIdentity Card No: XXXParty C: Li Xian ShouIdentity Card No: XXXParty D: Wu Yu CaiIdentity Card No: XXX (The four parties to this agreement are referred to as “parties” and together as “parties”; Parts A and B are jointly referred to as “beneficial shareholders”; Part C and Part D are jointly referred to as “Entrusted Shareholders”) CONSIDERING that Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D are shareholders of Zhejiang Yuhuan Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd (“Yuhuan”), of which Part A holds 23% of Yuhuan`s shares; Part B holds 18% of Yuhuan`s shares; Part C holds 41% of Yuhuan`s shares; D Party holds an 18% stake in Yuhuan. .